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  • 2022-02-20
    - Fixed door on Katana Quest.
    - Fixed namelocks.
    - Fixed Npc Orik, he will not go beyond the possible conversation area.
    - Changed spawn position of Npc Curtis. He will not block the passage.
    - Removed the ability to swim next to houses in the desert.
    - Fixed walking on the water when you relog on it.
    - Fixed house commands, they will no longer clear other access lists.
    - Fixed house doors, they will not auto close after server save.
    - Fixed magic level. He will raise properly.
    - Fixed fishing. Now there is a item limit on a tile. If character don't have capacity, space or tile under the character is full - you will not gain achievements, fished items and increace value in challenges.
  • 2022-02-16
    - we added Bonebeast, Crypt Shambler, Lich, Demon Skeleton and Ghoul to the tasks

  • - we improved namelocks on the website
    - we improved some things related to houses (disappearance of some bars, improper behavior of spells from permissions, remembering the states of doors and windows)
    - fixed the bug related to logging in on the water
    - we made some corrections in the map itself - we changed the spawn of Orik and Kurtis, removed some blocking fields, the key required in the door on Katana Quest and other reported errors in the reports
  • 2022-02-13
    - Added plate armor to Rashid's offer.
    - Crate destruction improved. From now on, it is not possible to destroy them in the character's inventory.
    - Fixed GH on Luminis, Cathedral and orc camp. So that they are not on the water.
    - Added dialogue system to npc. From now on, the npc response is delayed by 1 second as in newer versions and dialogs in future changes will be longer and provide more information.
    - A new daily quest has been added and all daily quests have been rewritten to the new system. The rewards will be improved in the future.

    The ruler of Luminis decided to increase the area of the city and cut the bushes next to the depot and blocked the passage to protect the inhabitants from monsters. In this way, he also managed to dig a place for two new houses and extend the descent from the ship.

    We also remind you that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Do not stay indifferent when some npc will need help in confessing love!
  • 2022-01-19
    - Fixed doors. Player body will not dissapear and will be moved.
    - Fixed rewards for level. If player don't have space or cap then reward will be sent to depo on Rookgaard.
    - Added information about level in rusty items. Every item will contain common, semi-rare, rare in name.
  • 2022-01-14
    Regulations have been improved. We ask everyone to read it. The rule point regarding houses will be taken into account after 3 days. We ask everyone to collect items from redundant houses and to leave the house which will not be their main one. The guild house is also considered as player house.
  • Update #37
    Gubihe, dnia 2019-04-15

    In the world of Tibia, magic is something normal in everyday life, but there are moments that are not considered magic, but as miracles. One such moment is Easter, where the rabbits are not known for what reason they have eggs. And these are not ordinary eggs, but colorful!

    The rules of the event are very simple:

    • On each of the servers from 15 to 23 April inclusive, there will be surprise nests that are hidden in different places.
    • On Xyla nests have a characteristic look, while on Fixera they appear as Hydra Nest.
    • You can use the nest to get one of several rewards.
    • On Xyla, the nest can be hidden in the backpack and left for later use or as decoration, while on Fixera they can not be moved, so the surprise should be picked up immediately.
    • Slots can be hidden in many places only on Rookgaard, so look carefully!
    • Rabbits like every year will have additional items in the loaf that are colored eggs.

    See you on the servers, hear you in the chat :)

    Update #36
    Gubihe, dnia 2019-03-20

    Hello. The time has come to sum up things that have been appearing on both Fixera and Xyla for some time now. Because we announced minor fixes on a regular basis in the game or on the Discord (including the newly created #announcements channel), below is a list of the larger and most important ones.

    1. Achievements

    Achievements have been added on both servers. The list of these public is in this tab, and the ranking covering all possible to get is in this tab - both lists can be filtered to the appropriate world.

    2. Tasks

    Following the player's suggestions, the option of taking more monsters to kill/items to bring has been added. From now, the base value (eg 100 Rat) can be increased from 2 to 10 times (ie 200, 300, etc.), and when giving back, the prize will be accumulated accordingly. In addition, the boss battle option, which Volvig will be happy to describe, is now unlocked. All those things appeared from today on Xyla, also at Volvig. The list of monsters is of course different, and the corresponding description will appear on the site soon.

    3. Houses

    The system for renting houses to be auctioned from the page has been rewritten. The system is not perfect yet (especially when it comes to exchanging information between servers), but we are working on solving the problems, and the wrongly charged rent will be returned when the errors are corrected. The list of houses can be found in this tab.

    4. Cast System

    On Xyla, after some tests, the streaming of the game through the client is activated. In order to encourage players to use this functionality (and possibly catch errors), after 5 minutes from the start of the broadcast experience gained from monsters will be 5% larger.

    5. Monster levels

    At Xyla, some of the strong monsters can be even stronger! This is because the feature that allows us to give monsters their own levels. Each subsequent level is 5% more damage, speed of movement, life and experience gained. For example, Dwarf at level 10 will have 135 HP and give 202 experience points while the standard one has 90 HP and 135 experiences (the bonus is combined with 3x exp rate on the server). In order to be able to assess the strength of a monster from a distance, the more serious the skull accompanying him (from black, through red, orange, yellow and white skull ending up).

    6. Cam System

    The system operating so far, which recorded the gameplay of players required an additional program to play. From now on the recordings that we want to watch will appear under the list of characters in the game client and from there you will also be able to watch them. In order for the recording to appear on the list, its status should be changed in this tab.

    According to the previous announcement, the next time will be devoted to the development of the client for Android, and at the same time for its desktop version that will allow you to play on both servers. Currently, work on new hunting grounds is underway, because the current ones may seem boring. We're also working on several quests and a new outfit. More information will be provided in the next news.

    See you on the servers, hear you in the chat :)

    Rozstrzygnięcie konkursu
    Gubihe, dnia 2019-03-01

    Gratulujemy zwycięzcom oraz dziękujemy za nadesłanie zdjęć. Wyłonienie trzech najlepszych zdjęć nie było tak proste jakby mogło się wydawać, lecz w końcu się udało:

    • Miejsce I - Herves
    • Miejsce II - Nuviusz
    • Miejsce III - Bzyku

    Jak zostało opisane w newsie na temat konkursu, każda osoba otrzyma Hearth Backpack. Pierwsze miejsce otrzyma Skill Card pozwalający na zwiększenie wybranego skilla o poziom oraz tak jak w przypadku miejsca drugiego, otrzyma również stamina potion. Jeszcze raz dziękujemy za udział w konkursie oraz zachęcamy do podziwiania wszystkich nadesłanych zdjęć, które znajdują się poniżej.

    Do zobaczenia w grze, do usłyszenia na czacie!

    Konkurs walentynkowy
    Gubihe, dnia 2019-02-19

    Zapraszamy do (nieco spóźnionego) konkursu!

    Aby wziąć w nim udział, należy zrobić zdjęcie wystroju terenu, pomieszczenia w grze które wpasuje się w nastrój walentynkowy oraz wysłanie tegoż zdjęcia do mnie (Gubihe), Crissa lub Tugaona na Discordzie wraz z nickiem z gry. Każdy chętny może wziąć udział, lecz należy przestrzegać zasad konkursowych.

    W grze wraz z dzisiejszym server save pojawi się NPC Valentina, która będzie do server save 27 lutego sprzedawała różnego rodzaju przedmioty dla Was lub waszych ukochanych. Następny raz pojawi się dopiero za niecały rok (bo wtedy już 14 lutego), więc zachęcamy przeglądnąć jej ofertę!

    Zasady konkursu:

    • Konkurs potrwa do 26.02.2019 23:59.
    • Zdjęcia wysłane po terminie nie zostaną uwzględnione w konkursie.
    • Zwycięzcy zostaną ogłoszeni maksymalnie w ciągu 48h.
    • Nagrody zostaną wręczone osobiście lub wysłane pocztą w grze.
    • Jedno zdjęcie przypada na jedną osobę. Jeśli ktoś wyśle ich więcej to zostanie uwzględnione tylko najwcześniej wysłane.
    • Nie ma ograniczeń co do wyglądu. Należy pamiętać, że jeśli na zgłoszeniu znajdzie się coś łamiącego regulamin, zostanie wykluczone z konkursu.
    • Zdjęcie powinno przedstawiać wystrój w grze oraz może zostać dodany efekt graficzny.
    • Konkurs dotyczy obu serwerów: Fixery oraz Xyli.
    • Zdjęcie, które nie będzie podpisane właściwym nickiem z gry nie będzie brane pod uwagę - nick z gry powinien znajdować się w wiadomości na Discordzie lub być taki sam, jak nick na Discordzie.


    • Miejsce 1: Heart Backpack, Skill Card, Stamina Potion
    • Miejsce 2: Heart Backpack, Stamina Potion
    • Miejsce 3: Heart Backpack

    Dodatkowo chcielibyśmy poinformować, że aktualnie trwają prace nad ulepszeniem tasków oraz tworzeniem kilku questów, które będą miały za zadanie urozmaicić jeszcze bardziej grę. Kilka mniejszych nowości i mało widocznych poprawek jest nieprzerwanie na bieżąco dodawanych do gry, więc miejcie oczy szeroko otwarte - brak mi czasu usiąść i zebrać wszystko w jeden szerszy news.

    Do zobaczenia w grze, do usłyszenia na czacie!

    Update #35
    Gubihe, dnia 2019-01-17

    Hello. Almost three weeks have passed since the start of Xyla. During the first hour the online record (11) fell, which continues to this day - for me personally is a reason to be proud. It was a very intense period devoted mainly to fixing bugs, the vast majority of which did not come out during the beta phase. Today, when the list of bugs has shrunk almost completely, it's time to summarize what has happened since the launch:

    • we've added character protection both on the player-server line and on the server-internet line
    • we've removed the blocks from tiles on the Rookgaard tutorial section
    • we've added the ability to rope monsters
    • we've improved and added more achievements
    • we've improved the opening of locked doors
    • we've added the potion stamina mechanism
    • we've corrected messages when taking rewards with insufficient cap
    • we've improved the rewards in the Goblin Hell quest
    • we've improved fishing mechanism
    • we've added a daily login bonus
    • we've added saving information about player statistics before death
    • we've removed HP's renewal after the level advance
    • we've added the loss of items after death
    • we've improved the saving of information about outfit

    • we've improved the count of damage dealt with monsters on raids
    • we've added a field block (Browse Field) in the bank and other places that should not be browsed
    • we've added a delay to quickly rotate
    • we've revised the report records from CTRL+Z and report name/player/statement
    • we've improved the naming of items and added missing names
    • we've improved the raid system
    • we've improved the effect of traveling by boat
    • we've improved the save of lotto points
    • we've improved the ban mechanism
    • we've improved the respawn of monsters in the case of the player within respawn area
    • we've added synchronization to the lists of powergamers, top powergamers, lotto, deaths and premium status with the page
    • we've improved map cleaning after server save
    • and a few others that I missed when reviewing the history of code changes

    From new things not related to improving the game, we've added Elves in the north and Dwarf in the south to give an alternative to Mino Hell and we've added Addon bonuses for those present at Xyla.

    When Xyla is on her feet with a clear conscience, I can come back to develop Fixera. In the near future will be completed another quest and the new event, and also plan to review again the Android version of the client. We will also try to take care of current ads so that the community gathered around Open Tibia knows that our Rookgaard is waiting for them.

    See you on the servers, hear you in the chat :)

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