Server rules

valid from Oct 05, 2021

Players choosing our server decide to spend time together, help each other and have fun on this small island. In order to ensure all of the previously mentioned things and to be honest with ourselves, these regulations were created, which define the rights and privileges of each player. The appointed server crew will keep order both in the game and on the forum, stopping unwanted actions through various penalties. The following regulations apply to the server, forum and Discord. These unwanted actions are:

  1. Prohibited names *:
    1. containing words that are indecent, offensive, racist, hateful, sexist or insulting in any language
    2. consisting of random, inappropriate, meaningless characters
    3. imitating other players or the administration
  2. Prohibited messages:
    1. containing words that are indecent, offensive, racist, hateful, sexist or insulting in any language - especially in the Help, Game-Chat and Discord channels; utterances may contain obscene words, but common sense should be used
    2. repeatedly or frequently repeated - this also applies to messages unrelated to the topic (spam)
    3. explicitly advertising other servers **
    4. containing fabricated, false information about the server or its crew
  3. Dishonesty:
    1. using bugs to achieve your own benefit - if you find a bug, report it to the administration by sending a message using CTRL + Z or on the #bugs channel on Discord
    2. abuse of the weakness of the game, blocking narrow passages - blocking the player is allowed, but not the area
    3. theft or attempted theft of another player's account
    4. selling or offering to sell items or characters for real money
  4. External use of programs:
    1. damaging the server or other players
    2. in order to have more than 3 logged characters (MC) at the same time, including characters on trainers
    3. in order to have more than 1 character logged in at the place of the event, server raid or PK
    4. Fixera Xyla
      gaining experience or other items without the player's direct control in the case that the player does not have an active game window gaining experience or other items and things without the player's direct control
      violation of the above rule is verified with the anti-AFK system, with the help of the Gamemaster, by the administration or in special cases after analyzing the recording, while the penalty for breaking it is:
      ban for 3 days (on the first offense), for 7 days (on the second), for 15 days (on the third), for 30 days (on the fourth) or delete the character (on the next) delete the character
      the player has 15 seconds to react in the case of human control and 90 seconds in the case of automatic system control

* The name refers to the character name, guild, Discord nickname, forum nickname etc. Incorrect characters are special characters like!,?, *, $,% Etc.
** An advertisement containing a link, server data, calling to play on it. Talking about servers along with giving the name is not prohibited.

Breaking or even attempting to break the above rules may lead to temporary blocking of characters or accounts in the form of reminders, bans or imprisonment. In some cases, it is allowed to modify the player's belongings, items in the depot or house, skills without any compensation. The server crew has the full right to determine the strength of the offense and individually adjust the penalty, and the penalty imposed by the crew is immediate.

The provisions of the above regulations may change at any time, and the changes made will be communicated through available channels.

The player has the right to appeal against the penalty within 3 days from the date of imposing the penalty by attaching evidence of his innocence (screenshots or copies of conversations are not considered evidence).