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  • 2022-11-11
    Added bonebeast trophy, bony tail and hardened bone to NPC Yasir.
  • 2022-02-20
    - Fixed door on Katana Quest.
    - Fixed namelocks.
    - Fixed Npc Orik, he will not go beyond the possible conversation area.
    - Changed spawn position of Npc Curtis. He will not block the passage.
    - Removed the ability to swim next to houses in the desert.
    - Fixed walking on the water when you relog on it.
    - Fixed house commands, they will no longer clear other access lists.
    - Fixed house doors, they will not auto close after server save.
    - Fixed magic level. He will raise properly.
    - Fixed fishing. Now there is a item limit on a tile. If character don't have capacity, space or tile under the character is full - you will not gain achievements, fished items and increace value in challenges.
  • 2022-02-16
    - we added Bonebeast, Crypt Shambler, Lich, Demon Skeleton and Ghoul to the tasks

  • - we improved namelocks on the website
    - we improved some things related to houses (disappearance of some bars, improper behavior of spells from permissions, remembering the states of doors and windows)
    - fixed the bug related to logging in on the water
    - we made some corrections in the map itself - we changed the spawn of Orik and Kurtis, removed some blocking fields, the key required in the door on Katana Quest and other reported errors in the reports
  • 2022-02-13
    - Added plate armor to Rashid's offer.
    - Crate destruction improved. From now on, it is not possible to destroy them in the character's inventory.
    - Fixed GH on Luminis, Cathedral and orc camp. So that they are not on the water.
    - Added dialogue system to npc. From now on, the npc response is delayed by 1 second as in newer versions and dialogs in future changes will be longer and provide more information.
    - A new daily quest has been added and all daily quests have been rewritten to the new system. The rewards will be improved in the future.

    The ruler of Luminis decided to increase the area of the city and cut the bushes next to the depot and blocked the passage to protect the inhabitants from monsters. In this way, he also managed to dig a place for two new houses and extend the descent from the ship.

    We also remind you that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Do not stay indifferent when some npc will need help in confessing love!
  • 2022-01-19
    - Fixed doors. Player body will not dissapear and will be moved.
    - Fixed rewards for level. If player don't have space or cap then reward will be sent to depo on Rookgaard.
    - Added information about level in rusty items. Every item will contain common, semi-rare, rare in name.
  • Update
    Gubihe, dnia 2021-12-24

    Witam. Jak co roku, od kilku dni na serwerze są uruchomione świąteczne wydarzenia - Mikołaj zawitał z prezentami do świątyni, a w związku z tym nasiliły się najazdy Grynch Clan Goblinów, które skradły część z nich. Dla przypomnienia, harmonogram ich najazdów pokrywa się standardowo z latami ubiegłymi:

    • od 10 do 15 grudnia będzie to maksymalnie 1 najazd dziennie z 5 goblinami
    • od 16 do 22 grudnia będą to maksymalnie 3 najazdy z 10 goblinami w każdym
    • od 23 do 29 grudnia będzie to maksymalnie 5 najazdów z 15 goblinami w każdym
    • od 30 grudnia do 5 stycznia będą to z powrotem maksymalnie 3 najazdy z 10 goblinami w każdym
    • od 6 do 11 stycznia będzie znów maksymalnie 1 najazd dziennie z 5 goblinami

    Oprócz tego wykonaliśmy także szereg innych rzeczy:

    • do systemu bestiary dodaliśmy Bonebeast, Lich, Black Knight, Crab oraz Crypt Shambler, a usunęliśmy Vampire
    • dodaliśmy do działu Download konkurencyjnego klienta na Androida, ponieważ w nasz poprzedni trzeba włożyć zbyt wiele pracy aby doprowadzić go do użyteczności
    • poprawiliśmy kolejną część zgłaszanych rzeczy w grze lub na Discordzie ( losowanie kryształów, działanie dźwigni, drzwi questowych, "uciekanie" NPC, Dungeon Event, rozpakowywanie przedmiotów w domkach)

    W imieniu załogi serwera chciałbym życzyć wszystkim wesołych świąt oraz miłej i spokojnej gry.

    Gubihe, dnia 2021-11-19

    In the next update, we changed the following things:
    • we have added a pitch on the event island, which now has a simple mechanism that detects goals in the goal and transfers the ball to the center of the pitch - in the future it will be developed to organize matches with counting points and simple bot characters to "help" players
    • we have added a mini-quest "Mushroom soup" from a long time proposal from NPC Billy / Willie
    • We've improved damage and elemental protection for some Wiki bosses
    • we improved the effect of unpacking items in houses, which meant that you had to go outside the screen and re-enter it to see the refreshed graphics and some minor bugs in the engine
    • we improved the mechanism of exiting daily events in the case of lack of players required for the start or other situations
    • we improved the mechanism of leaving the water when kicking from the house and other related bugs
    • we improved the ranking of Tortoise, Thornback Tortoise, Stone Golem and Efreet as bestiary
    • Fixed bugs that sometimes occurred with the daily challenge prize draw

    Today, in the evening hours (after 10 PM), the server will be turned off for 10-20 minutes, because it will be moved to another location again.

    See you on the game :)
    Gubihe, dnia 2021-10-29
    31.10 - 14.11

    As every year, two creatures begin to haunt the lands of Tibia. The first is The Halloween hare, which will turn anyone it meets into a monster with its magic ears. The second, stronger one, able to kill many adventurers and having great endurance and allowing you to get items that were otherwise unattainable The Mutated Pumpkin. Will there be a group of people who can beat him?

    But that's not all. The main novelty are the monster levels as part of the daily drawn Monster of the Day - with each server save, the randomly drawn monster (the list is the same as the entries from Bestiary and includes only those monsters that give experience) will appear on the map in levels 0 to 10. Each a monster's level is a boost to its speed, attack power, hit points, experience gained and better loot. The values ​​have been selected so that level 10 is exactly 2x more HP, max damage and speed, and 1.5x more experience and a chance for an item.

    In addition, an event similar to the Spring of Life will be running throughout the duration, only pumpkins will appear instead of nests, which need to be cut. Each cut pumpkin is a random number of hollow pumpkins that can be exchanged with NPC Frankenstein (using exchange like gift bags with NPC Ruprecht).

    The culmination of the post is Double Experience for the next 3 days - from server save on Saturday to server save on Tuesday.
    Happy hunting and see you in the game :)
    Gubihe, dnia 2021-10-23

    In the next update we have added:
    • our own Tetris game implementation together with forum tutorial and example game available on YT
    • new monster resp
    • hidden surprise on map

    See you on the game :)
    Gubihe, dnia 2021-10-05

    Witam. W ostatnim czasie nanieśliśmy część poprawek, niewymienianych wcześniej innymi kanałami:

    • Poprawiono liczenie summonów w bestiary. Nie będą się już zaliczać.
    • Poprawiono kupno `Snake Skin` u `Black Bert`.
    • Poprawiono literówkę w raidzie vampire oraz zmieniono `vial of geyser water` na `waterskin of geyser water` w `Ice Island Quest`.
    • Zmieniono nagrody w wyzwaniach. Od teraz są one losowane codziennie oraz uwzględniają niektóre eventy.
    • Dodano 3 nowe typy wyzwań.
    • Dodano zapis w regulaminie o kolejnym dozwolonym kroku przy złapaniu AFK zanim nastąpi usunięcie konta.
    • Na podstawie zgłoszenia znaleźliśmy i odpowiednio ukaraliśmy wszystkie konta, które brały udział w nielegalnym zdobywaniu punktów oraz późniejszej sprzedaży przedmiotów za realne pieniądze, gdzie proceder trwał niestety aż od sierpnia zeszłego roku. Dziękujemy za liczne zgłoszenia i zachęcamy do dalszej pomocy.
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