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  • 2022-02-20
    - Fixed door on Katana Quest.
    - Fixed namelocks.
    - Fixed Npc Orik, he will not go beyond the possible conversation area.
    - Changed spawn position of Npc Curtis. He will not block the passage.
    - Removed the ability to swim next to houses in the desert.
    - Fixed walking on the water when you relog on it.
    - Fixed house commands, they will no longer clear other access lists.
    - Fixed house doors, they will not auto close after server save.
    - Fixed magic level. He will raise properly.
    - Fixed fishing. Now there is a item limit on a tile. If character don't have capacity, space or tile under the character is full - you will not gain achievements, fished items and increace value in challenges.
  • 2022-02-16
    - we added Bonebeast, Crypt Shambler, Lich, Demon Skeleton and Ghoul to the tasks

  • - we improved namelocks on the website
    - we improved some things related to houses (disappearance of some bars, improper behavior of spells from permissions, remembering the states of doors and windows)
    - fixed the bug related to logging in on the water
    - we made some corrections in the map itself - we changed the spawn of Orik and Kurtis, removed some blocking fields, the key required in the door on Katana Quest and other reported errors in the reports
  • 2022-02-13
    - Added plate armor to Rashid's offer.
    - Crate destruction improved. From now on, it is not possible to destroy them in the character's inventory.
    - Fixed GH on Luminis, Cathedral and orc camp. So that they are not on the water.
    - Added dialogue system to npc. From now on, the npc response is delayed by 1 second as in newer versions and dialogs in future changes will be longer and provide more information.
    - A new daily quest has been added and all daily quests have been rewritten to the new system. The rewards will be improved in the future.

    The ruler of Luminis decided to increase the area of the city and cut the bushes next to the depot and blocked the passage to protect the inhabitants from monsters. In this way, he also managed to dig a place for two new houses and extend the descent from the ship.

    We also remind you that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Do not stay indifferent when some npc will need help in confessing love!
  • 2022-01-19
    - Fixed doors. Player body will not dissapear and will be moved.
    - Fixed rewards for level. If player don't have space or cap then reward will be sent to depo on Rookgaard.
    - Added information about level in rusty items. Every item will contain common, semi-rare, rare in name.
  • 2022-01-14
    Regulations have been improved. We ask everyone to read it. The rule point regarding houses will be taken into account after 3 days. We ask everyone to collect items from redundant houses and to leave the house which will not be their main one. The guild house is also considered as player house.
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    Wraz ze starą paczką będziemy próbować uruchomić bardziej dla zabawy serwer typowo dla Rookgaardu pod klienta 8.6 / 10.96. Więcej info wkrótce.

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