Update #25

Christmas are already on the doorstep, so I would like to wish you happy, peaceful and family holidays on behalf of myself and the whole server team. Let these few days help you regain your strength, and Nicholas will be rich this year.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, a system of mining and smithing, called both crafting, was added. It allows you to extract crystals from the mine, and then using them to create various types of weapons and armor. Created items as well as existing ones can be improved if the player is lucky. The full guide is in preparation and will be published soon.

In the morning Santa Claus arrived at the Rookgaard temple. He will give presents to players until January 6, while goblins will appear on schedule. From today, you can also exchange christmas bags for tokens at NPC Ruprecht on the Santa Island, and then these tokens for other gifts.

Goblin invasions, rent for houses and other minor errors in dialogues and quests have been improved. In addition, from today Patronus may receive damage, although it is hard to meet him as always. If someone succeeds, he can try.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)