Update #23

Welcome to the next portion of the news.

1. Wizard Outfits Quest has been added. The items required for each addon are listed in this tab, while the location of both NPCs must be discovered by yourself.

Due to the increasing number of locations with active PvP, the frags system needed verification. The current limits are as follows.

3 murders per day to receive a red skull 6 murders per week to receive a red skull 12 murders per month to receive a red skull

The limits are strict, because the existence of sites with active PvP is aimed at eliminating bots with the help of players from the most popular hunting grounds in a situation where there is no one from the server team to verify players. I would like to remind you that using a cavebot is not prohibited but using it while away from the keyboard as well as harassing players by massively killing them is prohibited. For this reason, the server does not have black skulls, and the double overruns on the red skull limit is rewarded with a weekly ban account. To make it easier to guard the limits, a useful command was added !frags (or /frags), which shows the current state of murders.

The number of monsters to be killed in some tasks has been changed, for example Wyvern needs to be killed 60 instead of 100.

Some monsters have been corrected and their loot has been corrected, especially those recently added, and Tom's offer has expanded to include missing items. Also, the forum has been slightly improved, so far only from the mechanical side, but there will be also improvements to the interface itself.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)