Update #22

After a few months, finally, on the server has appeared long awaited by players The Ice Islands Quest! Quest has been mainly inspired by the equivalent of Mainland and is suited to the capabilities of our Rookgaard. The first missions are at NPC Iskan, located in the northern part of Glacius.

However, to start the missions you must prove that you are worthy by doing Barbarian Test Quest at NPC Sven, also at Glacius. During the Ice Islands Quest, players will face various types of enemies, including Quara`s at underwater, Crystal Spiders behind closed bars, and Ice Golems and Witches in the tower north of Glacius. Due to the addition of new types of monsters, some restrictions have been removed from various items, such as potions or items of equipment.

The second major new feature is the automatic recording system inspired by the several years old BynaCam project. At the moment of logging in, the server starts to save the player's entire game, and after logout the panel will display a download file. The system can be useful when we want to capture some moments, to return to them in the future, or if we miss something, watch it again. Currently, the recording can only be downloaded by the owner, but plans are to prepare a special panel to mute the eq / messages / statistics of the character, cut out a specific portion of the recording to make the recording available to the public.

The last system is Mining and Smithing. Some of it`s elements are already in the game, others are still developing. Ultimately, the system will allow minor improvements in weapons and equipment using crystals extracted from the caves.

Throughout this time, there have also been many bug fixes that you report through various channels. Now that the quest is added in full we will be able to focus on improving the rest and developing more things. We will now focus on adding outfits and addons to Wizard, Oriental and Norseman, adding tasks bosses and finishing the crafting system.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)