Update #38

Hello. We have holidays ahead of us, and holidays include barbecues and outdoor cooking. In today's update, Jean Pierre - a chef who has many excellent and proven recipes - starts his services.

Hot Cuisine Quest is the main point of #38 update. His missions in comparison to the version known from RL Tibia have been adapted to the realities of our servers, including the required ingredients and effects after eating prepared dishes. Some ingredients will be available (such as potatoes or cucumbers) from travelers, other for exchange with the NPC, and others will appear on the map in various places. The list of dishes with their properties for each world will soon be published in a guide on the forum, which will be announced in a separate entry in News Ticker.

The fishing system has been modified. From now on, in addition to ordinary fish, there will be a chance to catch Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Green Perch or Marlin, and in some cases the worm may break off. The increase in skill for individual trials has not changed.

In addition:

  • we've added a new area to visit - tortoises
  • we've added namelock support via the server page
  • we've improved fluid transfer between containers
  • we improved the flour production and baking of bread
  • we've improved the tasks and achievements
  • everything that we have written in the #announcements channel on the server Discord has changed in the meantime

I would like to devote the nearest month to the development of our mobile version of the client (which will be made available in the future also as desktop app), so that everyone can enjoy the most from the server for the upcoming holidays regardless of where he will spend it.

See you on the servers, hear you in chat:)