Update #37

In the world of Tibia, magic is something normal in everyday life, but there are moments that are not considered magic, but as miracles. One such moment is Easter, where the rabbits are not known for what reason they have eggs. And these are not ordinary eggs, but colorful!

The rules of the event are very simple:

  • On each of the servers from 15 to 23 April inclusive, there will be surprise nests that are hidden in different places.
  • On Xyla nests have a characteristic look, while on Fixera they appear as Hydra Nest.
  • You can use the nest to get one of several rewards.
  • On Xyla, the nest can be hidden in the backpack and left for later use or as decoration, while on Fixera they can not be moved, so the surprise should be picked up immediately.
  • Slots can be hidden in many places only on Rookgaard, so look carefully!
  • Rabbits like every year will have additional items in the loaf that are colored eggs.

See you on the servers, hear you in the chat :)