Update #25

Christmas are already on the doorstep, so I would like to wish you happy, peaceful and family holidays on behalf of myself and the whole server team. Let these few days help you regain your strength, and Nicholas will be rich this year.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, a system of mining and smithing, called both crafting, was added. It allows you to extract crystals from the mine, and then using them to create various types of weapons and armor. Created items as well as existing ones can be improved if the player is lucky. The full guide is in preparation and will be published soon.

In the morning Santa Claus arrived at the Rookgaard temple. He will give presents to players until January 6, while goblins will appear on schedule. From today, you can also exchange christmas bags for tokens at NPC Ruprecht on the Santa Island, and then these tokens for other gifts.

Goblin invasions, rent for houses and other minor errors in dialogues and quests have been improved. In addition, from today Patronus may receive damage, although it is hard to meet him as always. If someone succeeds, he can try.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Update #24

Here I am with a weekly summary of the news.

Rashid has gained a colleague who will relieve Tom in his small business. From today, Tom's current offer goes to NPC Yasir, which will randomly appear on one of three ships every day, and it may even happen that it will not be there at all on a given day. NPC Tom's offer has been reduced to that of RL but with pervious high prices for items.

Oriental Outfit Quest has been added. Therefore, the requirements for both addons were changed, as the outfits list was created more than half a year ago and I did not know yet which new places will show on the server. By default, addons are obtained at NPCs that wear them with following order (scimitar/belt -> turban/veil).

The search for errors on the server test continues, and for now I thank Kret for finding a mistake with too high skills in the character without vocation. Unfortunately, the cast/cams error still exists, so the test server is still active.

Bankers also already buy yellow gems and talons, and Rashid, Tindy and Trixi's offers have been expanded accordingly.

Congratulations to Onomatopeja player for capture MMS with a chance of drop at 0.005%. However, while reading the Game-chat I agree with the opinion of the players - Goblin invasions are too popular to appear in one place every day, so they will be moved to random places, unfortunately not today, but only from Sunday. Thus, today there will be a maximum of one invasion with 5 goblins, and from tomorrow according to the schedule, a maximum of 3 invasions with 10 goblins but in random places.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Bug Bounty

The message is available only in Polish.

Update #23.1

Holidays are getting closer and closer, so the server is starting preparations for Christmas. Nicholas starts packing gifts slowly, and the Grynch Clan Goblin invasions that have stolen some of them start to increase. From today until January 11, the server will be visited by invasions of the following intensity:

  • from 10 to 15 December there will be a maximum of 1 invasion per day with 5 goblins in each
  • from 16 to 22 December there will be a maximum of 3 invasions with 10 goblins in each
  • from 23 to 29 December there will be a maximum of 5 invasions with 15 goblins in each
  • from December 30 to January 5 there will be a maximum of 3 invasions with 10 goblins in each
  • from 6 to 11 January there will be again a maximum of 1 invasion per day with 5 goblins

The invasions are still generated randomly, so even if there may be maximum 5 invasions during the day, this does not mean that it will always be so. Limit values have also been changed and from today all raids will take place between 7:10 am and 2:50 am.

The first Grynch Clan Goblin invasion this afternoon.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Update #23

Welcome to the next portion of the news.

1. Wizard Outfits Quest has been added. The items required for each addon are listed in this tab, while the location of both NPCs must be discovered by yourself.

Due to the increasing number of locations with active PvP, the frags system needed verification. The current limits are as follows.

3 murders per day to receive a red skull 6 murders per week to receive a red skull 12 murders per month to receive a red skull

The limits are strict, because the existence of sites with active PvP is aimed at eliminating bots with the help of players from the most popular hunting grounds in a situation where there is no one from the server team to verify players. I would like to remind you that using a cavebot is not prohibited but using it while away from the keyboard as well as harassing players by massively killing them is prohibited. For this reason, the server does not have black skulls, and the double overruns on the red skull limit is rewarded with a weekly ban account. To make it easier to guard the limits, a useful command was added !frags (or /frags), which shows the current state of murders.

The number of monsters to be killed in some tasks has been changed, for example Wyvern needs to be killed 60 instead of 100.

Some monsters have been corrected and their loot has been corrected, especially those recently added, and Tom's offer has expanded to include missing items. Also, the forum has been slightly improved, so far only from the mechanical side, but there will be also improvements to the interface itself.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)