Update #29

Welcome to the next summary of changes on the server.

Paintball Event appeared on the server. For some time it will be launched by someone from the administration, and in the near or distant future will be included in the set of automatic events launched on different days. The full description of the game can be found on the forum under this link, and in the Rank tab appeared list of the best players of this event.

The group of tutors powered Nuviusz since today. The player has been with us for a long time and is always happy to help in the game, on Discord, and even on the forum, because his tutorial appeared for those who started their adventure on our server. I invite you on behalf of Nuviusz to read the guide.

On Discord, there is a Bot-helper by Tugaon who willingly answers some of the users' questions. Welcome to Discord on the info-bot channel, the list of commands will be expanded with new ones over time.

See you in the game, hearyou on the chat :)

Update #28.1

Every great warrior would like to have in his equipment at least one weapon or armor from a dwarven smith. Such valuable items are worshiped around the world, by every race. An example of the splendor of such a smith is various books:

"Blacksmithing is not easy to learn. Although everybody can create a weapon or armor after basic training, what if someone would like to create something special? To get to the level of championship, you have to spend many years, maybe even decades to create a work that will use the materials in the best way, so far only one race could do something like that: dwarves who spent a lot of time in the forge could forge weapons or create armor so good and valuable that repetition by another race would require. To this day, you can find great works in every corner of the world, but in order to help the dwarves create anything, another race needs to get their respect. Finding rare minerals can be one of the things that will surely bring anyone closer to you. co-creation of dwarf works forge." ~ Dwarf smiths

"The sound of a hammer, a burning campfire and hot temperature - these are elements of the blacksmith's everyday life, but who could be better than a dwarf? They are the masters of craft and if you just want to live at least one day as an adventurer, do not hesitate just try to find an opportunity to get the item made by the dwarf smith!" ~ Facts from Dwarf mines

Update #28

Welcome to the next portion of the news. The last entry appeared 5 months ago, but it does not mean that during this time nothing new appeared on the server - most of the things I will describe here is already on the server for some time. The long break is also due to the fact that the new features we worked on required more time than regular quests, but the most important factor that caused such a long break are changes in personal life - together with my wife we ​​expect a child and that's why we have renovated the whole apartment in the meantime.

1. New forum

After a long time, we came to the conclusion that the amount of work that needs to be put into the development of the current forum will be disproportionate to the effect we would like to achieve. From today, we are moving to a forum based on the phpBB engine, which has already been prepared basic categories for various areas of the server life. In addition, all current and future guides will be posted there. The address of the new forum is https://forum.rookgaard.pl, while the old one will remain on the same link http://rookgaard.pl/forum, however, without the possibility of further posting.

2. Mobile client

Players with longer experience in the world of Open Tibia know that the client does not end with that one from Cipsoft. Many servers use OTClient, which gives the possibility of a very wide modification, and additionally there is a mobile port (publicly available on GitHub). We have successfully compiled and configured it to connect to our server, which results in a ready to installation file for the Android platform available download from here or from the Download section. Any shortcomings or difficulties in the client result from the fact that the client is only a mobile port, and not an application from the beginning written for mobile devices. Nevertheless, all the comments can be reported in the relevant section of the forum, and I will try to improve it as far as time and skills are concerned. Below is a short guide on how to download, run the application and log in to the game.

3. The possibility of server support

From the beginning of the server existence, we got to know a lot of opinions about it, both bad and good ones, which were thankfully much more. Some players were surprised about the lack of an SMS store, others accepted the solution very much, and yet others offered that they could support the server as much as they could. From today it is possible! Anyone who wants to support the server has the opportunity to buy a crown that will decorate the profile and characters of the supporter. The purchase of such a crown is voluntary and will not give anyone an advantage over others who do not have such crowns, and all profit will be allocated to the development and maintenance of the server. In addition, if in a given month the amount of the limit is set (fixed at PLN 40, because these are the average monthly costs), by the end of the month a fixed, random bonus for the whole community of players will be launched. The panel for the purchase of crowns is available under this link and from the menu on the left, which shows the status of the limit being filled.

4. Xyla development

The server is still in the alpha stage and we continue to develop it in a free moment. Currently, the stability of operation is ensured, the synchronization of players with the site has been improved (Fixera, Xyla, login server and website operate on various physical machines) and added all basic quests known from RL.

5. The Beagle Boys Quest

As a fan of Donald Duck from childhood, the server could not miss the reference to Scrooge McDuck, his treasury and thugs who hunt his fortune. We added the first quest that you can do every day, and the solutions we use in it will be the base for bigger things in the future. It is an automatically generated maze that looks different every day. Additionally, to find an exit from it, it is not enough to follow one wall, because the labyrinth is located on several levels down.

6. Fixes

5 months is enough time to improve many things that did not work as well as they should. We have improved the integration of channels with the Discord server (the invitation to the server is in the menu at the bottom left), we have verified the loot and strength of monsters again (wikipedia values ​​are changed on a regular basis, hence changes at us), we improved the mechanism for checking the ping between the server and players and expanded the number of English and Portuguese translations for another portion.

7. Summary

During this long period the server rarely said "enough", and we had no opportunity to compensate players for these short breaks and a hole in the publication of news. Therefore, on the day of ending the current school year (Friday, 22 June) will be launched a double exp, and the loot value will be increased from the current 2x to 3x, and the length of bonuses will last until Monday, 2 July.

Big steps are approaching the date of birth of my child, which at the moment falls on July 29. As the hottest period will start a week earlier, I can be less present in the life of the server, and any new products can be added with a longer delay. Until then, we'll try to prepare a few things that will be gradually added to provide players with a constant entertainment in this hot summer.

See you in the game, hear you in the chat :)

Update #27

Welcome to the next portion of changes that took place in the last week.

The Norseman Addon Quests have been added to get both addons to the outfit obtained during the Ice Islands Quest. Addons can be obtained from an NPC dressed in a given outfit.

A system has been added that notifies the player after logging in that new news has appeared on the site.

In the Community tab, the Hunting statistics tab has been added in which a list of killed monsters from the last week will be displayed. The list will be updated every few minutes.

The !protection command has been extended to include information about active protection against loss of connection to the server. It is worth recalling here how the two systems work

  • "ping protection" is a system that detects if the server has problems with access to the network. Every 5 seconds, the server checks the connection status with two traffic exchange nodes - PLIX and TPIX, and in case of a large response time from one of them activates protection for all logged in and joining players. Protection consists in ignoring the monsters by the players and passes when the connection status returns to normal
  • "exit protection" is a system that after detecting that a player lost connection with the server (eg turning off the player's computer due to power failure or disconnecting it from the router) activates the same protection as above until disconnecting character from the game. The system works only when the player completely loses the connection to the server (ie the character stops responding to "pings" sent by the server), and not when the fault of his or the Internet provider has "lags". In order not to abuse this system (eg giving exit in the client), there is a 2-hour system regeneration time after the first and subsequent disconnections. The current state can be checked using the command !protection

The anniversary bonus on exp, skills and loot is still active throughout tomorrow, and therefore successful hunting. See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Update #26

It's done. At midnight, exactly a year has passed since the server officially started following 3 months of beta-tests. Initial servers with high and low exp stage - Legera and Hegera - was replaced with server with fixed exp rate - Fixera. In comparison to the first day, the map has grown considerably and the quest set has grown considerably. Over the past year, 1421 accounts and 2206 characters have been created. Lotto numbers were drawn 365 times, players died 1973 times, wrote 169,873 lines of messages on Game-Chat and 360 forum posts. In total, 7,887 raids appeared on the server, 216 sapper games were played, and 1309 times items was purchased in store. Thank you for a beautiful year, I wish you and myself an even better 2018.

Today, on the anniversary of the server in version 8.60, it's time to start another dream - we start with the server in version 10.98 - Xyla. This server receives the beta status, which means that at some point, when the functionality from both servers will be the same, the character will be reset on Xyla and then will be official launch. Unfortunately, the specific date is not known (and may be quite distant), because as many players already know, me and my wife expect a child who will absorb 99% of my free time. Still, Fixera will be a priority when it comes to new quests and development, and Xyla will receive only more things from Fixera. Therefore, from tomorrow server server save for the whole week (!) experience points, drop and skill rate will be increased 1.5 times in relation to the current state. Currently, Xyla does not have any quests or the entire map, however, errors can be reported on #bugs on Discord.

In addition, the following things have been added in last time:

Mining crystals and creating and improving items takes 1 point stamina for a successful action, and ranged weapons are withdrawn from the system. As for the balance of these weapons, the Hunter Outfit Quest will be expanded in the future to fill the gap. An article about the crafting system is still being created.

A system has been added that save items from the ground and in the case of a crash all these items will be loaded onto the map. The server is saved every 15 minutes from 6 o'clock in the morning.

Each new news will cause the message to be displayed in the game after logging in, so there is no more an option to miss any news that has appeared.

The Discord server was launched for the entire Rookgaard community. The widget that lets you connect is in the left menu on the page. Game-chat from the game has been attached to it, so you can follow the discussion from the browser or the Discord application on the phone, so when joining the game have an idea of ​​what the discussion was about.

Other errors have been corrected, including the problem with the login session on the website, actions in the crafting system and minor on the map itself.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)