Update #38

Hello. We have holidays ahead of us, and holidays include barbecues and outdoor cooking. In today's update, Jean Pierre - a chef who has many excellent and proven recipes - starts his services.

Hot Cuisine Quest is the main point of #38 update. His missions in comparison to the version known from RL Tibia have been adapted to the realities of our servers, including the required ingredients and effects after eating prepared dishes. Some ingredients will be available (such as potatoes or cucumbers) from travelers, other for exchange with the NPC, and others will appear on the map in various places. The list of dishes with their properties for each world will soon be published in a guide on the forum, which will be announced in a separate entry in News Ticker.

The fishing system has been modified. From now on, in addition to ordinary fish, there will be a chance to catch Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Green Perch or Marlin, and in some cases the worm may break off. The increase in skill for individual trials has not changed.

In addition:

  • we've added a new area to visit - tortoises
  • we've added namelock support via the server page
  • we've improved fluid transfer between containers
  • we improved the flour production and baking of bread
  • we've improved the tasks and achievements
  • everything that we have written in the #announcements channel on the server Discord has changed in the meantime

I would like to devote the nearest month to the development of our mobile version of the client (which will be made available in the future also as desktop app), so that everyone can enjoy the most from the server for the upcoming holidays regardless of where he will spend it.

See you on the servers, hear you in chat:)


On the initiative of Herves on Saturday, May 11, on Fixera, a contest took place which consisted in finding as soon as possible several places from screens.

The photos appeared on the homepage equally at 18:00, and to get the prize you had to find the places on them, documenting it with a set of screenshots.

List of winners by the time they provided a complete set of photos:

  • 1. Fortesque - epic dragon lance, 20cc, stamina potion, bp of axe rings
  • 2. Nuviusz - relic sword, 15cc, stamina potion, bp of sword rings
  • 3. Lunar Ursa - epic war hammer, 10cc, stamina potion, bp of club rings
  • 4. Evenborn - dragon shield, wyvern fang, 7cc, stamina potion
  • 5. Mada - glacier robe, wyvern fang, 5cc
  • 6. Sinz - wyvern fang, 4cc
  • 7. Brodaty - 3cc
  • 8. Kefu - 3cc
  • 9. Gandalf Szary - 3cc
  • 10. Tarkus - 3cc
  • 11. Wiselka - 3cc
  • 12. Bojowy Marjan - 3cc

As a legacy, a list of places to find.

Thank you for your participation and congratulations to the winners :)

Update #37

In the world of Tibia, magic is something normal in everyday life, but there are moments that are not considered magic, but as miracles. One such moment is Easter, where the rabbits are not known for what reason they have eggs. And these are not ordinary eggs, but colorful!

The rules of the event are very simple:

  • On each of the servers from 15 to 23 April inclusive, there will be surprise nests that are hidden in different places.
  • On Xyla nests have a characteristic look, while on Fixera they appear as Hydra Nest.
  • You can use the nest to get one of several rewards.
  • On Xyla, the nest can be hidden in the backpack and left for later use or as decoration, while on Fixera they can not be moved, so the surprise should be picked up immediately.
  • Slots can be hidden in many places only on Rookgaard, so look carefully!
  • Rabbits like every year will have additional items in the loaf that are colored eggs.

See you on the servers, hear you in the chat :)

Update #36

Hello. The time has come to sum up things that have been appearing on both Fixera and Xyla for some time now. Because we announced minor fixes on a regular basis in the game or on the Discord (including the newly created #announcements channel), below is a list of the larger and most important ones.

1. Achievements

Achievements have been added on both servers. The list of these public is in this tab, and the ranking covering all possible to get is in this tab - both lists can be filtered to the appropriate world.

2. Tasks

Following the player's suggestions, the option of taking more monsters to kill/items to bring has been added. From now, the base value (eg 100 Rat) can be increased from 2 to 10 times (ie 200, 300, etc.), and when giving back, the prize will be accumulated accordingly. In addition, the boss battle option, which Volvig will be happy to describe, is now unlocked. All those things appeared from today on Xyla, also at Volvig. The list of monsters is of course different, and the corresponding description will appear on the site soon.

3. Houses

The system for renting houses to be auctioned from the page has been rewritten. The system is not perfect yet (especially when it comes to exchanging information between servers), but we are working on solving the problems, and the wrongly charged rent will be returned when the errors are corrected. The list of houses can be found in this tab.

4. Cast System

On Xyla, after some tests, the streaming of the game through the client is activated. In order to encourage players to use this functionality (and possibly catch errors), after 5 minutes from the start of the broadcast experience gained from monsters will be 5% larger.

5. Monster levels

At Xyla, some of the strong monsters can be even stronger! This is because the feature that allows us to give monsters their own levels. Each subsequent level is 5% more damage, speed of movement, life and experience gained. For example, Dwarf at level 10 will have 135 HP and give 202 experience points while the standard one has 90 HP and 135 experiences (the bonus is combined with 3x exp rate on the server). In order to be able to assess the strength of a monster from a distance, the more serious the skull accompanying him (from black, through red, orange, yellow and white skull ending up).

6. Cam System

The system operating so far, which recorded the gameplay of players required an additional program to play. From now on the recordings that we want to watch will appear under the list of characters in the game client and from there you will also be able to watch them. In order for the recording to appear on the list, its status should be changed in this tab.

According to the previous announcement, the next time will be devoted to the development of the client for Android, and at the same time for its desktop version that will allow you to play on both servers. Currently, work on new hunting grounds is underway, because the current ones may seem boring. We're also working on several quests and a new outfit. More information will be provided in the next news.

See you on the servers, hear you in the chat :)

Rozstrzygnięcie konkursu

Gratulujemy zwycięzcom oraz dziękujemy za nadesłanie zdjęć. Wyłonienie trzech najlepszych zdjęć nie było tak proste jakby mogło się wydawać, lecz w końcu się udało:

  • Miejsce I - Herves
  • Miejsce II - Nuviusz
  • Miejsce III - Bzyku

Jak zostało opisane w newsie na temat konkursu, każda osoba otrzyma Hearth Backpack. Pierwsze miejsce otrzyma Skill Card pozwalający na zwiększenie wybranego skilla o poziom oraz tak jak w przypadku miejsca drugiego, otrzyma również stamina potion. Jeszcze raz dziękujemy za udział w konkursie oraz zachęcamy do podziwiania wszystkich nadesłanych zdjęć, które znajdują się poniżej.

Do zobaczenia w grze, do usłyszenia na czacie!