Server rules

Players choosing Rookgaard chose to spend time together, mutual assistance and have good fun on this small island. To ensure all of the previously mentioned things, and to be honest with ourselves, we created the regulations specifying the rights and privileges of each player, regardless of the playing world. Server crew will keep orderliness in both the game and on the forum, stopping unwanted actions by warning, temporary or full lock deleting character/account and, in extreme cases, blocking the IP address. These unwanted actions are:

  1. Names
    1. Names containing the words offensive, racist, hateful, sexist or defying any leading server language.
    2. Names consisting of random, incorrect or meaningless character list.
    3. Names imitating other players, the crew of the server or the monster in the game.
  2. Messages
    1. Messages containing the words offensive, racist, hateful, sexist or defying any leading server language, particularly in the Help tab and Game-Chat.
    2. Widespread, frequently repeated messages (spam).
    3. Explicit advertising links to other servers.
    4. Administration imaginary or false information of the server or its crew.
  3. Cheating
    1. The use of bugs in the game or on the website in order to achieve their own benefit. If you will find any error, you are obliged to report it to any member of the support, and as such is not in the game, send an e-mail [email protected] or through messages on Facebook.
    2. Abuse of the vulnerability of the game itself, blocking the narrow pass, access to the NPC.
    3. Theft or attempted theft of items other players, their accounts or any properties.
    4. Using more than 3 players from the same IP at once (including characters on trainers), or more than 1 during the events on the server.
    5. Using a bot without being in range of your computer. The crew of the server will take 3 attempts to communicate with the player uses a bot, and caught player has 15 seconds to answer the question.If there is nobody who could verify the honesty of the player, the basis for imposing the penalty may be the analysis of the recording indicating the period of the offense.
    6. Using programs automatically logging a lot of character at a time, or prejudicial to the server or to other players.
    7. Selling or offering to sell items or characters for real money.
  4. Server crew
    1. Intimidation, threatening the crew server for actions taken, possessed position or for any other reason.
    2. Pretending to be anyone from the crew of the server or influence concrete decisions of the crew.
    3. Deliberate or widespread reporting of false or confusing reports or give false information regarding any of the dissolved matter.
  5. Player Killing
    1. Mass killing of characters without skull or marked using a bot, harassing them, or intimidation.
    2. Attacking players at the same time from characters with the same IP address.

Breaking or even an attempt to break these rules may lead to temporary blocks characters or accounts. In some cases the modifications of belongings player, the items in the depot or house skills, abilities are approved even without any compensation. The crew of the server has the full right to determine the strength of the offense and to choose the individual punishment, and the punishment imposed by the crew is immediate.

The provisions of the above rules may change at any time, and the changes will be announced in the forum.

Since the penalty imposed, the player has the right to appeal on the forum in a special category, by attaching evidence of his innocence. Screenshots or copies of the conversations are not considered evidence, while recording a video are. The appeal is granted only to the penalties imposed by the gamemasters. Penalties imposed automatically by the game system, Customer Support or server administrator are irrevocable.