Tutorial - Saper

Min. level: 20

Hello. From this tutorial you will learn how to play and win in the popular Windows game Minesweeper. We tried to reflect the elements of the game as much as possible in order to play the game in Tibia.

Currently, to start the game, the player should have completed missions from Monday to Friday at The Travelling Trader Quest and have a Saturday mission begun. If he fulfills these conditions, he goes to NPC Paulie at Rookgaard's depot, greets and asks to play (play).

The NPC also offers to watch a video tutorial, which is in the lower part of this article. The start of the game is free, and if you win, you will be given the opportunity to fill up an empty aquarium with a goldfish and which is needed to complete the mission commissioned by Rashid. In addition, if a player wins the round quickly enough, he will be able to find himself in the saper results list on the Rankings page.

Before starting the game you must obtain a shovel and a spellwand that you can buy from the NPC for 299 gp. After re-writing to the NPC play we will be moved to the game field.

The green arrow indicates the playing time elapsed since the start, the blue arrow indicates the counter showing how many seconds the game is left, and the red arrow indicates how many mines remain to be marked. The goal of the game is to correctly mark 10 mines on the field. The player loses if one of the 10 marked fields does not have a mine, discovers the field with any, or passes 300 seconds of the game (5 minutes).

  1. With the spellwand we mark and deselect the box under which we suspect that there is a mine. The mine counter will decrease or increase by 1.

  2. Using shovels we discover areas under which we suspect that there is no mines. If there is one or more mines around the open field, the number of gp will be their number.

  3. If there are no mines in the open field, the game will discover the surounding fields.