Tutorial - Proxy server

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Hello. On the server, it is possible to play through a proxy server. What is the server like and how it works?

Simply, this is a proxy server between the player and the physical machine on which the game world is running. The proxy server is located in the US, while our server in Europe, so the guide is directed mainly to players from both America. You will have a much lower latency than if you would connect directly to a server in Europe. This is because servers calculate a better route between themselves and often have better quality connections.

After creating an account, each player below his or her character will see an additional item allowing you to play through the proxy server. However, it is possible that playing through such a server will not improve the quality of the connection, so it is recommended to test each option.

If you know that you do not need to use a proxy server, you can disable entries in the account panel and they will no longer appear in the character list. By default, each account has a proxy list enabled.

We hope that with the introduction of this solution, the quality of connecting players from the ocean will improve significantly.