Tutorial - PACC

Min. level: ---

Welcome to the Premium Account guide - how to get it and what it does.

Premium Account is an account extension that offers many benefits and can be obtained in two ways:

  1. By purchasing it in a store on the website for 150 points, then the player receives a 7-day PACC rune

  2. By purchasing a PACC rune from the player in the game

There are no donations on the server, so you can earn points only during the game, and all the options will be covered in another guide. The 150 points needed for PACC can be obtained by logging in for 5 days in a row, which will also be described shortly. Every PACC holder has the ability to:

  1. Access to premium areas (western part of Rookgaard and soon part of Luminis)
  2. Traveling by boat to Glacius Island (the journey between Rookgaard, Luminis and Santa Claus Island does not require a Premium Account)

  3. Wearing additional outfits and addons and get the benefits of them described in the tab with bonuses
  4. Buying houses on both islands (loss of PACC results in release of the house at the next server save) and use of beds to speed up stamina regeneration
  5. Using additional spells (not available for free account players), all of which will be covered in another guide
  6. using of a 50% bonus on stamina experience in the 40-42h range