Tutorial - Offline messages

Min. level: 4

Hello. Sometimes there is a need to send someone a message, but our recipient is not in the game and we do not have time to wait until he or she logs in - what do we do then?

In addition to the standard method, when we can send a letter and drop it to mailbox, on the server we have also added the ability to send offline messages. We have prepared a command /offline for which you need to add the character's name, and after a comma the rest of the message, i.e. /offline Gubihe,test message.

All Latin letters and almost all special characters (excluding apostrophe and quotation marks) can be used in the message. The message limit is 220 characters and, what is important, the message counts from the first character after a comma immediately after the player's name, i.e. in the command /offline Gubihe, test first character is space, so whole message counts 5 characters. Messages can be sent from 4 level of character and not more than one per hour, of course only to logged out players who exist in the current world.

Messages are delivered when logged in to the player in two ways:

  1. If the sender is still logged in, the player will receive a message as if it was straight from him and can continue the conversation.

  2. If the sender is not present in the game, the message will be provided by NPC Pat, the mail manager.