Tutorial - Lotto lottery

Min. level: 16

On the server points to use in the shop on the website can be obtained in several ways. One of them is winning them in a daily lottery, which is the counterpart of Lotto lottery, which most of you should know from public television.

The draw is held every day at 21:00 CET, and the drawer is NPC Tarik, which is located on Santa Claus Island.

To buy a lottery ticket, you must go before the draw time to the island, greet the NPC, ask for a chance to buy a ticket, and then give three unique numbers ranging from 1 to 10 inclusive. Each ticket costs 500 gp, and the player must be "adult" to purchase a ticket (must be 16 level or above).

Prizes for guessing numbers are as follows:

  1. For guessing only one number, the player gets 10 points to the store for participating in lottery and 1k gp
  2. For guessing two of the three numbers, the player gets 100 points to the store and 3k gp
  3. For guessing all three numbers, the player receives 1,500 points to the store on the website, 60k gp and Winning Lottery Ticket, which is needed to complete one of the addons.

The prize for now is only available on the same day as the draw (ie from 21:00 CET when the draw is up to 06:00 / 07:00 CET when the server save and restart).