Tutorial - Ingame points

Min. level: ---

Hello. From the previous tutorials you can find out what are the privileges of having a Premium Account and that it can be bought from players through PACC runes or using points earned in the game. Today I will describe how to earn that points.

The first way that requires minimum player activity is to earn points for only by login, called Daily Bonuses. For every first login of a given day (counted from midnight to midnight), the player receives a certain number of points. On the first day everyone gets 10 points, and if he logs on every day, he will get 10 points more than the previous day up to the limit of 140 points on the 14th day. For the 15th day of logging in a row and the next one, every player receives 140 points. Points will accumulate as long as the daily log is maintained, i.e. if the player logs on April 1, 2, 3 and 4, then April 5 will take a break and log on April 6, 7 and 8 he will get 160 points (10+20+30+40 for 4 days in a row and 10+20+30 for 3 days in a row after a break).

Another way to earn points is to participate in boss raids, which every day on the server is quite a lot. Each monster has a certain number of points that can be earned for defeating them, and is awarded according to their percentage of damage. For example, if you get 400 points for a Dragon which have 1000 HP, then the player who kills the Dragon himself will 400 points. If a Dragon is hit by two people and player A has 200 damage he will receive 80 points while player B will receive 320 points for 800 damage points. The total number of life points of each boss is added to the life that the monster regenerates. If the number of points received by the player is not a natural number, it will be rounded down.

After defeating a particular monster, each logged player receives a message that the boss has been defeated, and each player taking part in the battle receives a brief summary of the battle.

Soon the points will be awarded for new events that are already in preparation and also for area raids, such as Minotaurs at Rookgaard or Skeletons on Luminis.