Tutorial - How to play

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Hello. If you are reading this article, that means you want to know a little how to start a game on our server, how to connect the game or you are just curious what about this article is.

With our server you can connect on 3 ways:

  1. using official Tibia client in version 8.60 together with IPChanger (which is also availalble to download from our site) by changing server address to "rookgaard.pl" and port "7171"

  2. using a Tibia Loader created by otservlist from this link
  3. using an OTClient developed by community of the OTLand.net

But before that happen, you have to create character on the website. While creating one, everyone have possibility to choose one from two game worlds. Fixera is the world without any resets, working all the time, where experience is fixed and set to 10x. Hegera is world with editions with staged exp and current edition ends at April 30. At the end of each edition all characters are moved to Fixera and before that experience is recalculated to fit lower experience 10x on Fixera.

Beside that, player can choose his starting island. Next to Rookgaard, which is known by most of players, there is also Luminis, where are very similar hunting places and quests for beginner equipment. Both island for low-level characters are self-sufficient, players with higher levels will notice that only knowing both island will give them opportunity to get full equipment and set hunting places for his needs. Hunting places will be described in another tutorial soon.

The idea of server only-Rookgaard, where is not and will not be vocations comes with a reason. During few past years I was a player on many OTSes with Rookgaard, starting at Xinn's Classic, Huntera, Hexana, Ambera, UnderWar and many others unless I realised that I want to create something unique, where Rookgaard is main base of server, not the addition to mainland like on every other server.

More informations about server you can find in section on the left menu Server info.