Tutorial - Casts

Min. level: ---

Hello. This guide will show you how to live broadcast your game to connected spectators using normal client. Once logged in with the command !cast (including !casts, /cast and /casts) you will see a list of all available options.

To start broadcasting, simply send a message "/cast on", and then a private channel for communicating with the viewers will show on, and the corresponding message will appear on the Default channel. To view available transmissions, just log in, do not enter any data, and choose from the list of characters that interest you.

As a streamer, we can set the password required to view the stream, the description displayed in the cast list in the tab on the website, the list of current viewers and mute, ban or kick players. A list of muted or banned viewers can be displayed with the appropriate command.

As a viewer, we have the ability to view the list of all spectators or change our displayed nick (default is Spectator and the following number).

Cast can be terminated at any time and this will disconnect all current viewers. The above guide will be updated with the forthcoming changes.